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Oase Nozzle Vulkan 43-3 T silver

Oase Nozzle Vulkan 43-3 T silver

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The OASE Vulkan 43 - 3 silver is a 43-jet fountain attachment made of tombac for fountain pumps with 1 "connection. The water jets are arranged in three stages so that the optics are reminiscent of a volcanic eruption. Suitable for example for OASE Aquarius Fountain Set 4000 - 12000 or OASE Aquarius Universal 21000 - 40000. Fountain diameter and height vary depending on the pump output (eg Aquarius Fountain Set 8000, height 140 cm, diameter 105 cm).

  • 43-jet fountain
  • 4-tier
  • Jet diameter 3.0 mm
  • Attractive multi-stage water pattern
  • Precise full jets that are stable in wind
  • Water-level independent
  • Easy to clean

Technical Data 

Connection mm 25
Connection 1"
Material Double coated brass
Aquarius Universal Premium 3000 (Ø / H) 40 / 50 cm
Aquarius Universal Premium 4000 (Ø / H) 45 / 60 cm
Aquarius Universal Premium 5000 (Ø / H) 60 / 100 cm
Aquarius Universal Premium 6000 (Ø / H) 70 / 110 cm
Aquarius Universal Premium 9000 (Ø / H) 110 / 210 cm
Aquarius Universal Premium 12000 (Ø / H) 135 / 225 cm
Aquarius Eco Expert 22000 (Ø / H) 170 / 370 cm
Aquarius Eco Expert 28000 (Ø / H) 250 / 400 cm
Aquarius Eco Expert 36000 (Ø / H) 275 / 450 cm
Aquarius Eco Expert 44000 (Ø / H) 300 / 500 cm
PondJet Eco (Ø / H) 110 / 210 cm
Dimensions (Ø x H) mm 87 x 116
Net weight kg 1.50
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