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Hello and thank you for visiting us at Koi Kare!

On behalf of Bill and I , we would like to say a huge thank you for supporting our new division at Koi Kare, our online store!

Bill has been successfully running Koi Kare for over 40 years, providing specialist services to Koi Keepers and aquatic garden pond enthusiasts throughout the UK.

We have now decided to launch our store to sell essential pond and koi products to our loyal existing customers, and hopefully new!

As a welcome gift, please find a discount code at the top of this page. We hope you enjoy the store.

Thank you

Bill & Dan

Why choose Koi Kare?

  • Experience

    We have over 40 years of experience in the industry

  • Passion

    We are koi keepers too!

    We share the same passion as our customers

  • Availability

    We are only a phone call or email away. Do not hesitate to ask us questions - we love sharing our knowledge!

  • Competitive Pricing

    We regularly review our pricing to make sure our rates are fair for our customers

  • Wow, super guy incredibly helpful and absolutely knows his stuff. All in all VERY impressive service beyond what you would expect, VERY HIGHLY recommend to anyone! - Big Thanks...

  • Billy was extremely helpful when our koi became sick with a mystery illness. Although we didn’t manage to locate the problem Billy’s advise helped us save all but one of our water babies. Would highly recommend he is fast efficient and knows his stuff. Any problems give him a call.
    The Funny Explanation

  • I contacted bill about my sick fish, he came & tested them, he gave me good advice, very knowledgeable, would highly recommend.

  • Great bloke. Very friendly and very knowledgeable. I had what I now know was a bad case of crossed bacterial infection which had affected pretty much all my koi. Thanks to Bill they are now well on the road to recovery. Would highly recommend.

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