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ProfiClear Premium XL Drum Filter - Pumped EGC

ProfiClear Premium XL Drum Filter - Pumped EGC

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Based on the highly successful OASE ProfiClear Premium L Drum Filter technology, the new ProfiClear XL pond filter system can be used to filter ponds up to 530,000 Litres (or 100,000 Litre Koi Ponds).  The automated Drum Module has been oversized to remove particles and pollutants even in highly sedimented ponds.  The XL Drum module is offered in both pump fed and gravity fedguises.

The Pump Fed XL Filter Drum features 5 water inlets for connection to submersed AquaMax Eco Expert pumps and the new Bitron Premium Ultraviolet Clarifiers.  The Pump Fed XL Drum Filter Module is supplied with intelligent filter-mounted controller for automatic cleaning of the 16 individual drum filter sieves.  The filter sieves will screen out debris down to 60 microns but can be changed to optional 30 micron or 150 micron sieves depending on the level of filtration required.  The Pump Fed XL drum filter can accept flow rates from 25,000 Litres/Hour up to 50,000 Litres/Hour.

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