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Evolution Aqua Tempest Pond Filter

Evolution Aqua Tempest Pond Filter

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A NEW and innovative polisher for ponds.

The Evolution Aqua Tempest provides your pond with a unique polishing experience that will ensure your pond water sparkles like never before! It is quick and easy to clean and will work fine with any filtration system. It utilises Evolution Aqua's ever-reliable K+ Media which is larger than most media and helps filters mature quicker.

Note: it will only work correctly when pumping through the floating media from below as is intended. This is because the media is static and if pumping the other way the flow would push the floating media down and agitate it, which would then release waste that would go straight back into the pond.


  • Dimensions:
    * Length: 110cm
    * Width: 35cm
    * Height: 20cm

  • Guarantee: 2 years

  • Maximum flow rate: 7,500lph (1,650gph)

  • Optimum flow rate: 5,000lph (1,100gph)

  • Maximum filter volume: 25 litres (5.5 gallons)

  • Drain size: 32mm (1")

  • Inlet size: 50mm (1 1/2")

  • Outlet size: 50mm (1 1/2")

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