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UV-Ozone Pressure

UV-Ozone Pressure

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The Ozone Redox UVC has a special 75watt T5 UV-C lamp that generates ozone as well as UV-C at the same time.
The lamp produces 600mg/h ozone and 25.000 microwatt of UV-C radiation output. The lamp produces ± 4000 hrs
ozone & ± 9000 hrs of UV-C radiation. The Low Pressure version comes with an airpump that ‚‚¦pushes‚‚½ the ozone out of
the unit and a ‚‚¦static mixer‚‚½ that mixes the ozone with water with virtually no pressure loss. This Low Pressure version must be fitted
after the filter installation (free return flow). The High Pressure version operates through a venturi injection system with a ballvalve to
mix the ozone with water. Inlet/outlet is 63mm. Max. flow ± 20m³/h.

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