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Proficlear Premium L Moving Bed Module

Proficlear Premium L Moving Bed Module

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The ProfiClear Premium Moving Bed Module is a biological pond filter, generally used after the automated Drum Filter Module (pump and gravity fed versions) and contains a mass of specially designed Hel-X biomedia which acts as housing for beneficial micro organisms.  The Hel-X media contains a very large surface area (40% greater protected surface area than Kaldness K1 Media).  The Moving Bed Module features an Aerator Bar at the base of the module which can be connected to an optional Air Pump for optimal movement and oxygenation of the Hel-X media.

  • Directly connects after the Drum Filter module, downstream of the Individual module.
  • Expert know-how and unique Hel -X biomedia provides for reliable nutrient reduction in the filter.
  • Accepts flow rates of up to 50000 litres per hour.
  • 50 litres of Hel-X bio media (supplied) has large settlement surface area for micro-organisms.
  • Innovative by-pass technology for optimal movement of Hel-X biomedia, even at high flow rates.
  • Efficient removal of toxins such as ammonium / ammonia and nitrite.
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