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Oase SwimSkim 50 CWS

Oase SwimSkim 50 CWS

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The Oase SwimSkim 50 CWS is a great addition to any filtration system, as it removes surface waste and pollutants plus it has an aerator function that allows vital oxygen into the pond for optimum water conditions.

This is especially ideal for a busy pond, especially those with fish. However, it can also be used in a water feature. Without a surface skimmer, you may find that bottom debris and waste sink and causes a layer of thick sludge on the bottom of the pond. The waste collected by the skimmer is caught in a basket, which can be removed for easy cleaning.

As the skimmer has an integral aerator it also allows oxygen through, which is essential for good fish and aquatic plant health. As the water moves through the skimmer this shares the oxygen throughout the pond, reducing the risk of stale spots and generally poor water quality.

This version of the Swim Skim is ideal for ponds up to 50m².

Key Features:

  • Floating skimmer for pond surfaces to 50m².
  • Ready for immediate implementation thanks to the integrated pump.
  • Whirlpool function
  • Aerator function for supplying the entire pond with oxygen.
  • Easy cleaning; just remove the filter basket.
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