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Oase AquaSkim

Oase AquaSkim

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The Oase Aquaskim offers powerful suction cleaning for ponds. It must be used with a pump that has a secondary inlet such as the AquaMax Eco Premium models 4000-8000.

It works to clean the surface quickly and easily for best results. Leaves, waste and an excess of nutrients are removed, leaving the water clearer and cleaner. Used in conjunction with an additional filter, the pond will simply shine with health.

It has a removable waste basket which is easily emptied to maintain the condition of the unit and reattached via hooks. To stabilise the skimmer, rocks can be added to the deep base to maintain balance.

Key Features:

  • Improves water quality
  • Debris basket can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Base can be filled with rocks or pebbles to create a sturdy fixture
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