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Oase AquaOxy Air Pump

Oase AquaOxy Air Pump

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What is the Oase AquaOxy?

The Oase AquaOxy is a powerful, energy-saving and extremely quiet air pump that ensures a safe additional supply of vital oxygen to your pond and filter water as well as fish. Available in three sizes, the AquaOxy aerator pump range offers optimum flow rates of up to 7500lph and is backed by a 2-year guarantee.

What are the features of the Oase AquaOxy air pump?

This powerful and energy-efficient pond aerator has precise airflow and supplies your pond water with vital oxygen. Powerful with low energy consumption, the AquaOxy features a top-quality motor that is quiet running. It has been designed with a new robust, splash-proof housing that has a standardised air outlet that allows easy connection to any individual area on-site.

What are the benefits of an air pump?

The Oase AquaOxy plays an important part in keeping pond life healthy. Garden ponds stocked with fish and Koi, in particular, need more oxygen in the water. A continuous airflow helps keep fish healthy even when temperatures are rising and better oxygen-activated microflora improved pollutant degradation rates.

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