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NT Labs Medikoi Health

NT Labs Medikoi Health

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Medikoi Health from specialists NT Labs has been designed to not only provide a nutritious diet for your Koi and other pond fish but also boost the immune system.

Medikoi Health food is the ideal way to support the immune system of your Koi through the food's unique ingredients: including lemon peel, olive leaf, Artemesia and Propolis amongst others, which are great at speeding up recovery time. Another vital ingredient is Stimune, this helps the fish's natural immune system to fight infection. Medikoi Health contains a unique natural herbal formula developed in our laboratories which helps to maintain resistance to disease and a wide variety of infections.

Using a blend of proteins from fish meal and soya, the food has a protein level of around 33% with added oils to ensure that the protein is used for growth. Propolis has been added to support rapid healing. Herbs and vegetable extracts are also incorporated as well as the additive Stimmune to boost the immune system and aid resistance to stress and diseases.

Sizes: juniors - 3 millimetre pellets; Adults - 6 millimetre pellets

Feeding Directions: Feed Medikoi Health for 3 weeks followed by Medikoi Beauty for 2 weeks. Feed twice daily during the growing season. Always only feed a quantity that can be consumed in five minutes or so. In the winter when your fishes' metabolism changes, substitute it with Wheatgerm

Key Features:

  • Boosts immune system
  • Helps prevent infection
  • Aids digestion
  • Contains natural herbs
  • Vitamins added for extra boost
  • Soya, wheat, fish meal, maize, fish oil, herbs, propolis, EEC permitted colourants and antioxidants.
  • Protein 33%. Oil 3.1%. Fibre 2.3%. Ash 5.5%. Moisture 8%. Vitamins per kg: A 26250 IU, C 350 mg, D 3000 IU, E 223 mg, Stimune 1000 mg, herbs 750 mg, propolis 1500 mg.
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