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Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod Automatic With Built-In UV

Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod Automatic With Built-In UV

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With water quality so important for a healthy pond, the advanced features of an Evolution Aqua EazyPod Automatic with Built-In UV make it an obvious choice as your filter system.

Suitable for ponds up to 10,000 litres, the EazyPod is an innovative yet very simple self-cleaning biological and mechanical filter.

When water enters the EazyPod any single cell algae are killed by an 18 watt UV Clarifying Bulb. Large solids will settle at the base of an outer chamber and, in an inner chamber, 18 litres of K1 micro filter media traps smaller particles and acts as a biological filter.

You don't have to worry about cleaning your filter as this is timer controlled and takes place every three days, there's an automated waste valve and an integral air pump cleans micro media. Cleaning regularity can be adjusted to the requirements of an individual pond and takes under seven minutes.

There's no doubt that the EazyPod lives up to its name. This filter merges into the landscape and you can just sit back and enjoy a pond full of life, knowing that the water will automatically remain crystal clear.

EazyPod Features:

  • Fully Automatic
  • Biological and Mechanical
  • K1 Filter Media
  • 18 Watt UV Lamp
  • Self-cleaning

EazyPod Specifications:

  • Maximum Pond Size for Ornamental Fish: 10,000 Litres / 2200 Gallons
  • Maximum Pond Size for Koi: 10,000 Litres / 2200 Gallons
  • Maximum Feed Rate: 100-125g Per Day
  • Volume Of Water In Filter: 80 Litres / 18 Gallons
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 10,000lph / 2200gph
  • Air Pump: Built-In Inside Control Box
  • UV-C Bulb: 18w

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