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Blagdon MiniPond Pumps

Blagdon MiniPond Pumps

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What are the Blagdon MiniPond Pumps?

Ideal for running fountains, small waterfalls and features, the MiniPond pump range are compact and efficient. They deliver adjustable flow rates of up to 2000 lph for smaller ponds, have a maximum fountain height of 90 cm and need very little maintenance, thanks to the integral strainer cage.

Why choose the MiniPond pump?

A popular choice for pond keepers, the Blagdon MiniPond 900 is a small yet efficient powerful garden fountain pump. It can power fountains, waterfalls and filters as well as being cost-effective. The MiniPond compact pond pump is equipped with a strainer cage which acts as a pre-filter, keeping out sludge and larger parts of debris. This means the delicate components of the pump, such as the impeller have a longer service life. This fountain pump features a low maintenance design, has low running costs, and comes with various fixtures and fittings, including fountain heads.

Which model is right for me?

The MiniPond 700 and 900 are ideal for very small ponds up to 2250 litres. They can be used to run water features and fountains one at a time, and include hose tails to aid connection to filters and other equipment. The 2000 fountain pump has an additional T-piece connector below the telescopic fountain height adjustment pipe to which a hose can be attached, allowing you to power an optional feature, as well as the fountain. Splitting the flow will reduce the fountain height. A clever ball joint means you can even adjust the angle of the fountain, which makes installation much easier.

What fountain heads are included?

The Blagdon MiniPond 700 and 900 Pump come with daisy, daisy tier and bell fountain heads whereas the 2000 has an additional foam head. All units feature a telescopic height adjustment to let you position the fountain head just below the surface, as well as a flow adjuster to control the output, and a ball joint to control the angle of the spray.

Does this pond pump need routine maintenance?

The Blagdon MiniPond range is centrifugal fountain pumps with a magnetic impeller movement driven by a watertight synchronous motor. They require minimum cleaning, only periodic cleaning of the pre-filter and impeller is necessary. The use of a descaler product will give improved performance and pump life by removing built-up limescale and waste. Routine maintenance should be carried out when pump flow is visibly reduced. Switch off electricity and remove the pump from the pond, do not use the cable to lift the pump. Wash the cage, pre-filter foam (if fitted) and pump parts thoroughly in freshwater.

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